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Welcome to a world where normalcy is overrated.

~where being ordinary is boring

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Birthdate:Sep 6
I'm a weird person with a dark sense of humor... I'm not saying I understand the world and its perverse ways.. nah... but i sure understand a hell lot more than others think i do.
I'm a wicked wicked girl if I want to be.I'm someone who spends half her life staring at the computer screen. My life is online, and my computer is my best friend. I'm very, very sadistic hence the fetish for bondage and bdsm. I love messing with people maybe in a psychotic kind of way...I'm a girl that isn't the type to voice out her true emotions and thoughts. It depends half the time...I'm the type of person that has a mask of different sorts. Think the kind of person that laughs with you but deep inside that person never did treat you the way normal laughing friends would..I like messiong aroung with people's psyche. I'm a schemer. I like manipulating my surroundings to what suits me the most. I may not be friendly but I am flexible. I can bend to the lowest extent, but you can semi break me. (but you won't know that). I like pain and the wonders that come with it.The feeling of euphoria that overwhelms you as you see the person in front of you break down up to his core, I bask in it. I bask in the aura of feeling and doing pain..I guess I have a obsessed compulsive problem with controlling people, a power freak and a sadomasochist...."I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it"...The last statement pretty much sums up everything that is written about me...

ps. I love coffee....Prolly I live off liquid keeps me sane with duty and stuff. What with tolerating stupidity in this nonsense we call life. xD

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