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2012-05-14 10:05 pm

Homicidal Mission Log: Stardate-2012.5.14: Wanting to choke the guts out of (ALL) you then weep.

 Today started off great. I had a fun time with mein seniors, Kriska, Jeje (and Jel). It was fine, dandy and downright peachy,,,,

...then the admissions started raining in.

It was intoxicating, the exhilarating feeling that washes through your veins, as adrenaline keeps you energized enough to receive babies.

All 5 of them. Only one of which, I (did) admit as mein.

4 of the babies were given to mein superiors: Kriska and Jeje, glowing from the toxicity. It was very depressing and (sorta) disheartening.

Then there's this. 
Litlle shite, whose familial relations to the Queen Hussy (Mightiest, Insecure wench that ever was), had the imaginary balls to even INSIST on moi' driving the bigass SUV.

Let's see you try driving the SUV, all through the hours of the busy afternoon. Now, I understand why so many people are pissed off when they're driving (to insanity) from maneuvering their (manual) wheels and traffic.

Fuckin' wench. Please let there be a footnote next time? You do have a car, why not use yours? You're so insistent of using what's being used by (other) people., WHY THE FUCK DON'T YOU USE YOUR OWN DAMNED METAL BOX!?!?!?

I hate it when people misunderstand me. Yes, there might be minuscule bit of jealously but the rest of it is just plain rage. Rage that just because.....please they DO have the fuckin' money. Why not just take a damned cab?? Better yet...USE YOUR FUCKING OWN!?!?!?

I hate people like you! I honestly hate your damned female creator. I hate your fuckin' comments about every damned thing. Yes, we (also ) do that. But not to the point of making a damned commentary on EVERY fuckin' thing.

And please, PLEASE do shut your gob off your damned Mum. She's makes too much of a scandal (for her own good). Like a psychotic Mrs. Weasley. Very misguided and (wannabe) omniscient. Reporting every fuckin' thing.